Welcome to AFRADEBI

Empowering Africa's Future, Together.

Welcome to AFRADEBI

Empowering Africa's Future, Together.

About US

We are a dynamic and visionary social enterprise organisation committed to igniting rapid development and economic growth across the African continent

Our core purpose is to provide a platform to advocate for greater economic and business investment in Africa, empowering the continent to harness its immense potential and become a global economic powerhouse.

Our name AFRADEBI encapsulates our key objective –

Advocating For Rapid African Development through Economic & Business Investment.


Our core mission is to empower Africa to harness its immense potential and become a global economic powerhouse.

We are driven by a deep passion to develop Africa’s capability and a relentless pursuit of a brighter, more prosperous future for all.


We envision an Africa where thriving businesses, investment, and entrepreneurship are the driving forces behind equitable economic growth, job creation, and poverty reduction.

We aspire to see a continent where sustainable economic development is achieved through collaboration, innovation, and responsible investment, ultimately leading to a brighter, more prosperous Africa for generations to come.

Our Focus Area


Advocate for policies and initiatives that attract investment, promote economic growth and create an enabling environment for businesses to flourish.

Strategic Communications

Strategically leveraging a diverse range of media communication tools and public relations channels, to promote increased business and economic investment

Investment Promotion

Actively engaging with foreign and local investors, to encourage investment into key sectors that drive economic growth and create employment


Forging strategic partnerships with governments, corporate investors and communities to foster collaboration in the pursuit of sustainable economic development.

Research & Innovation

Conducting research and data analysis to identify key sectors, trends, and opportunities for investment in Africa and further guide our advocacy efforts and development of innovative solutions.

Join us in building a better Africa

At AFRADEBI, we believe that Africa's future is filled with boundless possibilities. By advocating for economic development and business investment, we are sowing the seeds of prosperity for generations to come.


AFRADEBI (Tanzania)

Acacia Estates Offices
1st Floor, Kinondoni Road
Dar Es Salaam


ACK Garden House,
1st Ngong Avenue
Nairobi, Kenya

AFRADEBI (South Africa)

Sandton City
South Africa


128 City Road
United Kingdom